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Use Your Talents


You are Moses

On a journey to an idea

A place only in your mind

A destination you hold dear.


Pharaoh’s army are your creditors,

And the sea, the road blocks to your escape,

In your hand are your talents,

You have the tools,

Your entanglements you must overtake.


Israel borrowed Pharaoh’s riches

Their path the Red Sea blocked

God said, “Stretch out your hand.”

God said “Lift up your rod.”


Use your talents to move forward

Stretch your hand over the water

The seas parted for Israel

Supernatural debt cancellation

When the army met carnal slaughter.


Why did God drown the army?

The question has been posed.

Why not leave them on the other side

Safe and dry

When the Red Sea closed?


God’s plan is complete

The creditors would trouble Israel no more

They would be free to travel the world

Even back to Egypt

And there would be no one there to settle the score.


Pharaoh’s army are your creditors

And the seas the road blocks to your escape

In your hand are your talents,

You have the tools

Your entanglements you must overtake.