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What’s up my Niggas? 

Why is it comfortable to say?

No matter what poets tell us

The young people continue to greet each other this way.


It’s like a word that we’ve brought with us

That is in our vernacular

It’s like words embedded in us

So personal and insular


There is something so powerful about us

We teach the rest of the world what to wear and say

Could we be those Kings and Priests;

Revelation talks about, here in our modern day?


It’s Hebrew words like Amen and Hallelujah

Spilled over into everyone’s culture

Words the rest of the world uses

Isn’t that spectacular?


For centuries our ancestors prayed

Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be Done

Now upon us, “Be unafraid”

The world must succumb!


Kufi prayer caps are now ‘Do- rags’

Rolled up and tucked under

Snug, worn above your brow

Now we know. “It’s no wonder?!”.


African Buba shirts or Jellabiya

Have been translated into huge T’s

With the hem below your buttocks

And just below the elbow is the end of your sleeve.


It’s Hammer pants and low crotch baggy pants

Those ARE our African garb.

It’s embroidery on your leather jacket

To luxuriate no day in particular.


Nigger, Nigga, Niggaz, Niggas, Negus


Is an Ethiopian Biblical word for an Emperor:

“All you Niggaz get on the boat!”

The tone was said to cause furor.


When you hear youth using the ‘N’ word

Tell them what it means

They are greeting each other, even if they don’t know it;

Telling each other they are Kings.

copyrighted 2009