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Large Mudcloth / Bogolan square fabric bowls  The fabric is HAND WOVEN and HAND DYED 15" X 15" ~ 3" deep $40 each




Weaving Bogolan or Mudcloth is a cottage industry in Mali.

The fabric is woven in small strips.  Then the strips are whip-stitched together to form sheets. 

This fabric is not created by the yard the way machine woven fabric is.  This hand stitching adds to the human flavor of the product. 

Sometimes it shows up in unexpected yet pleasant places.  It is the final touch of the fabric artist. 

Then Eada Fashions makes the bowls.

       Black and White (Inside or on the Outside)


                         White w Black/Brown


                        Tri Color




                       Purple w Black


Mustard w Black thick marks


                 Mustard, lighter, with thinner black lines



Blue w Black, drum

Blue Solid

Blue & White

The symbols on this rust colored fabric represent the omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience of the eternal one and cowrie shells (which represent prosperity)



       Green w Black Green Solid Black w GREY Smaller Markings
with machine made regularity

All of the bowls have the ability to be turned inside out; therefore can be termed reversible. However, when bowls with seam binding (as the ones shown above) are reversed, the stitching around the perimeter on the 'underside' of the the bowl becomes visible when it has been reversed to be on top.  When ordering bowls, the default position is that the fabric being chosen will be placed inside or on the upper side of the bowl.  You may request the fabric you choose be placed on the outer or underside via a note or e-mail.