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Tell me about the quilt you'd like me to make....

My goal is to gather from you the feeling you'd like the quilt to envoke and some concrete likes and or dislikes you have toward certain colors or shapes.  The cost of the quilt will depend on the complexity and the size of the finished piece. 

Currently I'm experimenting only with African fabrics.  It is my small contribution to the people there.  I'm committed to showcasing the various color range, the versatility of the African prints and the ability to incorporate these fabrics into contemporary homes.

There are many ways to make a quilt but for the most part we can group them into three categories. 

Comforter style - two pieces of fabric the size of the finished quilt with the fluffy batting in between.

Appliqué  - start with a piece of fabric the size of the finished quilt and use it as a background and sew cut fabric shapes on top of it.

Pieced (American) - sewing pieces of fabric together to form blocks or squares; then sewing all of the squares together to create a sheet of fabric the size of the finished item.

The first column of prices on the table below are for Comforter Style quilts that are intermittently "tacked" or tied down to hold the front and back pieces of fabric and batting together. 

The remaining prices on the table below are for pieced quilts.

Medallion Style means the center of the quilt is pieced or made of one block and the fabric surrounding it is made of large bands of fabric to complete the size of the item.  The medallion itself will be approximately 30% of the finished items size.

As you review the table you'll realize the smaller the block or blocks to create the quilt the more expensive the quilt becomes.

Separating these defining features will help us create the quilt you want at the price you want.



Tack Quilting, Seam binding, no border






Medallion - 30% of finished item


Machine Piecing & Quilting

Seam Binding Border 15X15 Block



Machine Piecing & Quilting Specialized Border      5X5        Block

        inches X  inches

Baby bed 28 52 $30 $70 $190 $320
Wall Hanging/Baby 45 45 $40 $90 $270 $440
Twin Single 39 75 $50 $130 $380 $630
Twin X-Long Extra Long Single 39 80 $50 $140 $410 $670
Double Full 54 75 $70 $180 $530 $870
Queen Queen 60 80 $80 $210 $620 $1,040
Standard or Eastern King King 78 80 $100 $270 $810 $1,340
California King Western King 72 84 $100 $260 $780 $1,300


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