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You will receive between 6 and 12 e-mails per year.  I've never sent out 12 e-mails in one year, but I am giving myself some extra room just in case.  I will e-mail you if there is a new product or service.

 Just touch the link below the phone number on this page and you can send me an e-mail


go to the "Contact Us" page and enter your e-mail address on the form then hit the "Submit" button.

Unfortunatley, if you have COMCAST as your internet provider, my response to you will be blocked as spam unless you add eadafashions@eadafashions.com to your list of addresses that you will accept.

I will attempt to respond to Comcast customers from my personal e-mail address.  The subject line will say "from Eada Fashions".

Thank you for contacting me.