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Description of Interconnected


The holistic approach to the human existence is to incorporate the mind, body, and spirit experience.


The three linked circles represent the mind, body, and spirit realms. The top circle represents the mind realm. When you nourish your mind with education you are rewarded with knowledge. Feed your body nutrition and exercise you have the expectation of good health. Feed your spirit the creator’s word and you get peace.


Human beings are connected to other human beings, their local communities, and the earth at large. The four seasons are the backdrop of the piece.  The upper left quadrant represents winter, upper right spring, bottom left fall, bottom right summer. All four quadrants are sewn together with a silver gray thread.


Christianity, Islam and Judaism all worship the god of Abraham.  These three groups have more followers than any other single faith and have more adherants than the remainder population even when those that consider themselves nonreligious are included. 


A red thread, representing the blood of Abraham is stitched into the piece, connecting the three excerpts; one from the Torah, the Bible and the Qur’an hopefully to reconcile these three faiths and show each has a connection to each other and to the God of Abraham.



Thread, paper, beads