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Painting - We offer handmade African slippers



StarTax Portal African Fabric Slippers

                                                                                                                   Continuing service for comfort to the

                                                                                                                          wide and medium width foot

Touch the photo of the slippers above to see another photo of the same pair.

Below is a close up of the sturdy, no slip, gum crinkle sole.

All slippers are made with a STURDY gum crinkle sole. 

Wear them outside without concern.


Eada Fashions is committed to incorporating African fabrics in its product line.  It’s a small contribution to spurring the economy there.

The Variety of Slippers Offered Include:.

  • African Fabric and Polar Fleece–Printed African fabric slippers lined in contrasting polar fleece.
  • Bogolan, also known as Mud Cloth-Bogolan is a hand woven, hand dyed fabric from Mali West Africa.  The print process is a sixteen step dying method revitalized by the tribes women.  Bogolan has become so popular in the west that the men of the tribes now assist in producing these unique fabrics to keep up with demand.  Each sheet of fabric is different bearing the hand of the artist.  I then craft slippers from sections of the bogolan sheets making each pair of Bogolan slippers one of a kind. These slippers are also lined with polar fleece. 

Enter Online Store to the right.  Be my guest.  Take off your shoes and put on a pair of comfortable slippers.

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